Zeds Dead needed a 1 minute recap for their show at Red Rocks. We had a four person crew of filmers to get all the angles (Me, Bailey, Shane, and Michael). I edited this video (the night one recap) overnight to have it ready for approval by 8am. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t the first time and it definitely won’t be the last. Speed is crucial in the music industry. Artists and managers often request photos the second the set is over, so delivering on sub-24 hour edits is really important to the success of photographers and videographers.

We filmed under the name “BCH HOUSE”, a creative collective a couple freelance videographer friends and I started over the summer. The branding is not finished (bchhouse.com), but we are starting to stack some pretty fun gigs.

The timelapse was inspired by Ari Fararooy.┬áIt was made with a Canon t3i and a rhino slider with the arc. The footage was imported into after effects and there was a pan on the daylight footage that wasn’t on the nighttime footage, which was really frustrating. I ended up using the corner pin tool to scale and warp the footage. I couldn’t simply move it because the focal length was at 15mm full-length equivalent, so there was plenty of aspherical distortion that I wanted included in the final export.

FAMILY BUSINESS is a first-year festival in Dallas funded by AEG and Young Thug. We were contacted by one of the founders to provide media coverage with two video recaps and various snackable micro-content with photo coverage. We had a 7 person team (3 photo, 4 video) and we had an absolute ball. I edited the one minute recap on the plane ride home, and it will be released this Friday. The lineup was stacked, and it was super fun to get together with my LA friends for the weekend.

The full recap will be released around this time next week, and I still need to finish it. It will be around 2-5 minutes long and feature every artist on the lineup, as well as soundbites from local radio stations.

June Threads. I directed, filmed and edited. Production Assistants helped with filming. This project was used as promotional content for the brand, and Bailey took photos for their ecommerce site.

This shoot was awesome because it was all CU students. June Threads was founded by Bre Cevall, a recent CU Alum, all the models were CU students and the entire media team was CU students (me, Bailey Miclette and our Production Assistants Jackie, Luca and Nathan). Its awesome to see other peers grow in industries they are passionate about, and its much easier to work with a 22 year old boss than a 55 year old CEO.

My favorite shot from the project was the intro shot with the floating polaroids. I know this has definitely been done before, but I thought it was a neat way to showcase the aesthetic of the brand and the purpose of the shoot while flexing my after effects muscles a bit.

This is a sound visualizer I made for my Motion class in TAM. I created it in After effects using trapcode mir and footage from a festival I filmed about two year ago. I practiced using expressions to parent different aspects of the video to the audio waveform to create something weird.

Motion was one of my favorite classes I’ve taken through the TAM program. I’ve been working in After Effects since I was a 6th grader, and now as a 16th grader I’m still learning new ways of doing things and new tools to use for projects. The program is so fascinatingly powerful, and I feel it is underutilized in 90% of the projects I put out.