Object Final | Blinko
benjamin | 5 May

 Blinko Blinko, the vertical anti-gravity classic. It’s grandfather, Plinko, was revolutionary in the chaotic table game division. However, blinko

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Plinko WIP
benjamin | 16 April

Our Interaction seeks to engage users with a unique experience of a game they might be familiar with (plinko), readjusted

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Object Serial Communication
benjamin | 31 March

Serial Communication The breadboard setup for this was pretty simple, just two potentiometers connected to the analog pins in the

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Project Proposal
benjamin | 18 March

Interactive Object Plinko! But different! an Overview… In our interactive object we want to create an element of challenge, satisfaction,

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Lab 4: Motors
benjamin | 2 March

Part 1: Servo Motors Servo motors were controlled with a flex sensor. The flex sensor was connected into analog input

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Lab 3 | Analog IO
benjamin | 18 February

Part 1: Variable Input and Output For this part, I built a circuit using a slide potentiometer and a flex

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Lab 2 | Digital IO
benjamin | 5 February

Lab 2 | Digital IO Part 1: Breakout Board The breakout board was soldered in parallel with two LEDs, two

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Lab 1 | Basic Electronics
benjamin | 28 January

Part 1: LEDs in Series and Parallel The LEDs in series could be activated with around a 50 ohm resistor,

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