Infographic Storyboard
benjamin | 15 October
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Infographic Creative Brief
benjamin | 10 October

Here is the link to my creative brief for my infographic project: creativebriefinfographic

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Rotoscoping Assignment
benjamin | 8 October
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Kinetic Typography | Final Draft
benjamin | 24 September

Here is the final draft for my kinetic typography project.

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Kinetic Typography | Rough Draft
benjamin | 18 September

Here’s the first 12 seconds of my kinetic typography

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Kinetic Typography | Creative Brief and Story Boards
benjamin | 17 September

Creative Brief: GillespieKineticTypography Story Board:

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Inspirational Motion Graphics
benjamin | 10 September

I am inspired by this motion graphics reel. I would like to learn a lot more about how to implement

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Personal Branding/Name Design Assignment
benjamin | 4 September

Motion Design! Cool! Here’s my name. The texture asset is from

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