Final Project
benjamin | 19 December
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User Interface | Final Project
benjamin | 6 December

A collaboration and workflow solution for creatives Project Summary: I created a project management system for small creative teams. The

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Sound Visualizer Final
benjamin | 26 November
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Sound Visualizer Rough Draft
benjamin | 14 November


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Sound Visualizer Storyboard
benjamin | 11 November

I was having trouble drawing my scenes because they are all going to be weird and wacky fractals that I

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benjamin | 7 November

sound visualizer Above is the link to my creative brief for the Sound Visualizer project.

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Design Challenge | Double Helix
benjamin | 5 November These were the expressions we used: a = 180; b = time*200; c = 180; d = [a,b,c]

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Lynda Expressions Files
benjamin | 5 November

Here is a zip of my practice files GillespieLyndaFiles

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music visualizer | first test
benjamin | 31 October
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Infographic | Project 02
benjamin | 22 October

Here is my infographic! Here is the revised version updated for vertical ads to be more relevant to the content

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