Independent Study Final Project
benjamin | 14 April

Weekly Renders: lots of time spent on the computer these past few weeks.   this render was done through Bellus

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Independent Study Final Project Moodboard and explanation
benjamin | 10 March

Weekly Renders have been suspended due to Capstone taking up my GPU’s bandwidth, and those will be made up in

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Week 7 | Modeling and Rigging
benjamin | 25 February

 Modeling and Rigging project: Overall, I got a lot of hot spots that I wasn’t super excited about. I

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Week 5 | Physics and Textures Project 1
benjamin | 18 February

Physics and Textures: physicsandtextures_i1_0000 from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo. I experimented with texture alpha maps and rigid body

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Week 3 | SLAA and Weekly Renders
benjamin | 28 January

Weekly Render 1: RenderWeek1 from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo. Weekly Render 2: After Effects Expressions for Random Opacity

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Week 1 | Syllabus + Tutorials
benjamin | 13 January


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