I started these:

I am a filmmaker, photographer, “content creator” (in quotes because thats what all the ig influencers call themselves but they don’t really create a whole lot of meaningful content), designer, and entrepreneur. I have a few companies that I started with some of my creative/business-minded friends.

Boulder Media House:

BMH is my baby. I got some of the people I saw were creative and talented together to try to tackle some bigger projects with me. We’re still growing, and haven’t really made it big enough to pay for more than our own rent and an office space and new camera equipment, but the dream is still alive. It started as a catch all for anything that had to do with filmmaking and photography, but we have since re-segmented our content so Boulder Media House only does business to business promotion (commercials, branding, content for business’ socials, etc.)

Under Boulder media house, there are three subsidiaries so we can have separate websites and socials for everything we put out.


BCH HOUSE works in music media. We have a few parters in LA that work with record labels (Universal Music and Interscope primarily) and a partner in Denver that works closely with Deadbeats records. The music industry is the most cutthroat and competitive industry I’ve ever been a part of, but it is too much fun to back out.

Unreal Events

I started Unreal Events with my friend Conner to provide reasonably priced stage production for greek events. We started with an embarrassing stage setup, but now have a ridiculous amount of speakers, LED walls, DMX controlled moving heads and par lights, trussing equipment, cryo/confetti cannons and all that fun stuff. We’re still growing, but its all good clean fun.

This is also where we put all of our college media, mostly frat parties and srat recruitment videos. The wordpress theme on this site probably looks pretty familiar because I made it.

Buffalo Film Co

is where we put all of our wedding videos. I started filming weddings 4 years ago, and they have treated me well.