Weekly Renders:

lots of time spent on the computer these past few weeks.


this render was done through Bellus 3d and Cinema 4d, rendered through Octane. I took a 3d scan of my face and imported it into Cinema 4d and added it to a bust mesh from the content browser. It took a while to figure out how to animate the opacity of the bust to reveal the skull until I remembered booleans exist, so I just animated a rectangle with bool subtract.

This was a quick test testing out quick dynamics simulations with a new material pack from greyscalegorilla.com. I try to keep all the octane renders as Direct Light renders, as apposed to pathtracing because it saves hours on render times.

This was a quick render with an animation from mixamo on top of a simple plane with a road texture from greyscalegorilla.com. The camera shakes were created in premiere to keep a seamless loop.

Here is the first draft of my Final project. I want to add some more renders in, but I like the style so far.

The material wipes were done using linear fields and a displacement effect. Its a really cool way to make these types of effects, and I look forward to using it more.


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