Weekly Renders have been suspended due to Capstone taking up my GPU’s bandwidth, and those will be made up in the next few weeks in the form of technical tests for the final project. Here is what I created for my capstone though using Octane.

zzvii teaser from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo.

character_i1_0001 from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo.

the objective for this project is to emulate ANtoni Tudisco’s (https://www.behance.net/antoni)  style of colorful, stylized renders to a music video for this song:

The storyboard will be determined by a few technical tests I need to do

Technical tests for this project:

  • Live action integration
    • Camera tracking in c4d
    • HDRI creation using an Insta 360x
  • 3D car realism
  • 3D face realism

Moodboard: https://www.behance.net/collection/175594953/Independent-Study



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