Physics and Textures:

physicsandtextures_i1_0000 from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo.

I experimented with texture alpha maps and rigid body physics. I definitely need to pursue different render engines, because this physical renderer is really clunky. Even slower than Evee in Blender. It overclocked 12 cores cloning 12 nikes with simple leather textures at 2 samples with global illumination.


There was a lot of experimentation this past week, trying to get the workflow down as far as renderers go and experimenting with different types of textures and physics. The physical renderer in Cinema 4d isn’t the greatest in terms of speed and quality, but it works fine. Next week I’ll research some quicker ways to bake in global illumination and different lighting fixtures to save on render time. Disclaimer: Some of the render tests were used for a capstone presentation to demonstrate render times. The Apollo model and Nike model were taken from TurboSquid.

Weekly Renders:

Week 4:

This is a hair texture mapped to a sphere that has a vibrate modifier applied. The hair physics rendered relatively quickly which was surprising, even in the standard and physical renderers.

Here are some renders trying out a melting command on the sphere. The shag carpet hair vibrations created some interesting nodes and antinodes.

No area shadows, area lights are spotting

this was how the scenes were looking before I figured out area shadows in Cinema 4d. The shadows were harsh and nothing was looking nice or modern. Area shadows were a huge game changer in terms of render quality. The overall aesthetics of the images were improved quite a bit
Week 5:

Texture Experiments: All of these texture experiments were done in Cinema 4d with the physical renderer. I am researching better render engines that will save on time for my capstone project. The Apollo model is from TurboSquid.

Texture override node on, lambertarian textures with simple area lights. Render time: about 2 miinutes
Gold, Global Illumination. Render Time: about 5 minutees/frame.
Coffee. Physical Renderer, Global Illumination, White sky. Render Time: 5 miinutes
Ice Block. Render time: 42 minutes. Subsurface scattering and the physical render engine teamed up to hold my cpu hostage for 42 minutes.
Silver. Render Time: 5 minutes. A bit of noise but definitely passable.


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