Lucas is a motion designer based out of Boulder, CO who worked on a documentary that I was also involved in.

He has plenty of experience in narrative filmmaking and is also very experienced in Cinema 4d.

Lucas is excited about the project, but thinks I need to really get started on test renders for the final video. He brought up some interesting points. He said I should spend a lot of time experimenting with what sort of lighting creates the most passable image for the environment I want to create in the quickest amount of time. He also thinks I should start rendering some of the equirectangular and stereoscopic scenes with actual models in them as quickly as possible so I can get an idea of render times and what makes the images more believable. He also recommended researching different renderers for c4d. He uses redshift, and he recommended trying to find a quicker renderer than the physical render engine within cinema 4d because it is not incredibly accurate and it is a lot slower than any other renderer. The caveat to that is render engines are expensive. He said if I could get a cracked version of Octane to work, I should bee good to go but I would end up hating myself if I rendered the entire project with the physical renderer.

As far as content for the music video, he said I should storyboard it like any other music video. Some of the scenes can be concert type scenes but overall there should be a story told or else it won’t be engaging to anyone. He mentioned the differences between good and bad music videos, and how I should try to incorporate thematic motifs into the visuals. Even seemingly random visuals that have thematic weight will create a more engaging experience than just cool visuals.

Lucas said to pay special attention to lighting as well. Lighting of 360 degree scenes might work well with HDRIs or maybe there needs to be other lights involved. As far as textures go, I shouldn’t worry too much about textures for far-away objects, but if there are going to be objects close to the viewer I will need to pay special attention to the textures.

Overall, Lucas’ feedback was a huge push to spend more hours on this project. He was encouraging, but he doesn’t think my project is 50% done quite yet.


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