Glen is one of my partners in BCH House, a digital music media agency He has experience managing artists and orchestrating releases from a social media strategy standpoint.

I shared with him the BrandBook and the website in progress:

Glen thought the idea was pretty neat.

He was excited about the possibilities with Spark AR and creating content for artists. He wanted to see some more Spark AR scenes and more renders. He was interested in the use of virtual reality to supplement artist releases.

Glen mentioned an idea to try to make the experience more interactive. He was curious if it would be possible to render loops then play them through a program like resolume that is then linked to the oculus to make the program more modular and less like a film. He wanted to be able to control the scenes like a VJ. I said that it sounded like a good idea for the future but I probably won’t be able to implement it yet.

He wants to see more renders of the character overall. He is kind of curious as to if I can actually pull off realistic renders in virtual reality, as am I. He was a little confused as to what the final project will actually look like. He also suggested a storyboard of sorts for the finished video. He also thinks I’ll need more assets to make this project actually work. He is also worried that I haven’t found a song quite yet. I explained the issue with my ghost producer (he’s just taking a while so I’m going to find another producer as a backup). Because of the pivot I experienced last semester, I just need one song so as long as I contact the producer before hand, I should be fine.



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