Prototype 1: Virtual concert experience

I messed around with my 360 camera a bit at Family Business Festival in Dallas. Overall, the footage was too weird and wacky and should not have been cut into any aftermovie (I think we did and it made it look like we were trying a bit too hard- there was not unity or consistency between shots it just looked like a very poorly curated amalgamation of newish camera techniques) BUT it did provide a decent role prototype for a VR concert. I wish I had a headset to be able to really be immersed in the experience, but viewing on mobile is really pretty cool, especially with headphones. I experimented a bit with titles and overlays on 360 footage, which is a bit of a learning curve but wasn’t too bad. Overall, I think a live concert experience is a lot better, BUT there is something to be said about the versatility of a VR experience. You can have an infinite amount of people on stage or in the pit and experience the music from really interesting angles.


Youtube and Vimeo also both have great support for 360+VR video.

Prototype 2: Chrome masked character




I want to play around with textures a lot within c4d and blender to make the character as real as possible. There’s also a lot of cool angles I could experiment with within a virtual space that would be impossible for a real concert videographer to achieve. I experimented with parenting new objects to armatures in Blender and used mixamo’s animations and character models for the movement. Ideally, some of the motion would be captured in the motion capture studio, but for a quick prototype to experiment with animating a character with a chrome mask this works fine. The real model will be modeled by me and have a lot of flowing materials

Prototype 3: Blender to VR


I was able to render two different images, one for a right eye and one for a left eye. Some things that I’ll need to be mindful of in the future are scale and making sure the entire scene is visually compelling or there is a clear spot where you are supposed to focus. I don’t have a VR headset yet so I just made the scene vibrate to show the stereoscopy. One important thing I learned though is Blender’s fastest renderer, Eevee doesn’t support equirectangular outputs so I’ll have to use Cycles unless there is an update to Eevee which will result in different material interaction and much slower preview and render speeds. I’ll also have to render everything out at like 8k to make it a high quality viewing experience, but I’ve wanted to get a new graphics card on my work machine for a while now and I think this winter might be a great time to buy. The title was important to add a bit of perspective to a bland scene, and it was added in Premiere using its built in VR Plane to Sphere function I was experimenting with in the first prototype.
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