Rich Glitch Tutorial:

This was pretty cool. I want to re-watch the “creating elements” part a few times. Eduard, similarly to Ezra Cohen made some really impressive things with minimal tools. Unlike Ezra though, Eduard has to jump through a lot of technical loopholes to get his content to look this way. I learned a lot about composition organization, and some neat new AE tricks like the hiding guy tab. I also downloaded school of motion’s motion tools 2.0, which helps a lot with animating things really quickly.

richglitchtrial1 from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo.

Mini Assignment 2:

One of the projects I did a few weeks ago for the funk hunters at red rocks gave me an idea for a synthetic transition in After effects.The opening titles were an easy way to cover up a shotty transition. I just downloaded their logo, found the edges, duplicated and pulled back in 3d space, then parented a camera to a null and crushed through it. I exported that with alpha transparency and overlayed it over two shots that had similar motion. I did that again in this G Jones edit I made.


gjoens from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo.

g jones from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo.

Something similar happened here, where I rotoscoped the individual layers and






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