Raving reviews from my instagram story: “i din’t know you do motion graphics and shit” – Adam Hurd, 2019

“Is that for GriZ?” “No haha I friggen wish” “Damn I thought you were making a new album cover or some shit” -wilson_official, 2019

“wow thats actually super f*cking pretty i’m gonna make it my wallpaper. you have school today???” -Honor Laduzinsky, 2019

For these renders, I followed closely CG Geek’s blender 2.8 introduction tutorials. I preferred to learn this way as opposed to reading a guide or following lynda tutorials, because it allowed me to learn many things quickly while working towards a finished product.

The reason I feel many “amateur” renders look very “amateur” is because of the lighting.

Steal Like an Artist:

This book, to me was less about copying and more about utilizing and recognizing different creative influences in your work. I would never want to be a knock-off brand of Gibson Hazard or Spencer Miller, but rather I want to take elements of what makes their content so powerful and use those elements in my work.


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