Serial Communication

The breadboard setup for this was pretty simple, just two potentiometers connected to the analog pins in the Arduino and an LED connected to the digital PWM outputs from the arduino. I decided to manipulate the orientation of an ellipsoid by using the potentiometers as controllers through p5.

It was neat to manipulate the orientation using different knobs, and I was wondering if there would be a way to manipulate different tools (like contrast tools in lightroom or premiere) using arduino, and after some quick googling it proved that that would be possible to use potentiometers to control features within premiere and lightroom, but it would be much simpler to buy a midi keyboard optimized for something like that.

Here is the circuit diagram for my device. It just has two potentiometers connected to two analog inputs in the Arduino, and an led connected to the 11th digital pin.

object serial com from Ben Gillespie CU TAM on Vimeo.


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