Interactive Object

Plinko! But different! an Overview…

In our interactive object we want to create an element of challenge, satisfaction, and enjoyment through an arcade style game functioning off of potentiometer controlled fans controlling a ping pong ball through a series of mazes in a vertical encasing.

We will collect parts (fans, sensors, etc) to compile into the game and split the work evenly. Continuing in stages we will make ample time to user test and adjust if needed.

Overall, we want to experiment with how people perceive space and movement. Can users be satisfied with a game they have less control over? Can they survive a more chaotic game world?

Interaction Ideal


Object Depiction


  • 4 adafruit fans
  • foil (1sq foot)
  • wire (found in BTU lab)
  • neopixels (have or here)
  • Arduino (have)
  • plexiglass / transparent Acrylic
  • Bolts (Home Depot)
  • Ping pong ball


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